International guarantee

Adriatica Watch is guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of purchase. The date of purchase is written on the guarantee certificate. The certificate should be signed, dated and stamped by the seller. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects during regular use. Any defective component due to manufacture error, duly noted by our technical center, will be replaced free of charge. International Warranty covers all Adriatica wrist watches purchased anywhere in the world from an Adriatica retailer. All services and repairs of Adriatica watches must be carried only by Adriatica approved service and repair center or the International Warranty is no longer valid.


The International Warranty does not cover:

- theft

- loss

- acts of God

- consequences of natural disasters

- damage caused by accidents( shocks, knocks, dents, crushing etc.)

- altering or opening of the watch by other than Adriatica technical center

- damage caused by mistreatment or improper use

- damage cause by normal wear and ageing of the watch

- battery replacement